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Beautiful, Powerful and Reliable

Energy Panel utilizes the high-efficiency non-perc monocrystalline solar cells. They string together with special circuit design maximizing the electricity output as well as reducing the shadow impact from surroundings. The solar layer is sandwiched between double tempered glass and laminated with PVB films to enhance the safety, stability and noise abatement. Moreover, the edge of the module sealed by a special thermal material provides excellent proof against air and humidity to ensure the functionality and durability.

To be consistent with the common measurement unit in construction industry, the mainstream product series haves their width and length in the multiple of 30 cm. This way can minimize the amount of dummy panels and utilize the maximum façade space especially on building retrofit projects.

For the customized product, we are capable of fabricating glass ranging from 60cm-300cm for length, 60cm-150cm for width and 3+3mm to 10+10mm for thickness. Dummy panels can also be available for decorating the edges or small area.


Fixing System

The installation of Energy Panel is similar to conventional glass façade in the construction industry. Hence, most of the components are easily accessible in the local market at reasonable prices. Spider fitting system, another customary curtain wall mounting system, can be realized through Energy Panel Special-Fixing(SF) model with the hole remained at each corner of the module.


We are also open to discuss any possible alternatives to fully integrate Energy Panel into the building structure.

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