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Building Façade

Beautiful, Powerful and Reliable

​BIPV  l’intégration du photovoltaïque bâtimats  Building integrated Photovoltaic  Gebäudeintegrierten Photovoltaik  GIPV

Aesthetic Energy Panel(AEP) is a photovoltaic-integrated building façade material. Functioning as colored laminated safety glass, AEP replaces traditional cladding and further turns the building envelops into generators of clean energy. This solution makes possible Zero-Energy Buildings or Positive-Energy Buildings, without any compromise on architectural safety and aesthetics.

Salient features of AEP include the following:

1. Aesthetic outlook

  • Digital printing technology enables architects to realize any design color/pattern with minimal loss in power output

  • Silky finish to mimic the texture of conventional building materials and reduce reflected glare

2. Design flexibility

  • AEP’s dimension can conform with conventional measurement unit in the construction industry- multiple of 30cm, owing to its patent-secured circuit design

  • Size and shape can be tailor-made to fully cover the building facade and achieve a uniform envelope

3. Superior quality

  • Stability and durability are strengthened by utilizing a vacuum thermal edge-sealing    technology to prevent the solar cells from humidity

  • Color vividness can last for 50+ years thanks to the durable ceramic inks

Main Features


Fixing System

The installation of Energy Panel is similar to conventional glass façade in the construction industry. Hence, most of the components are easily accessible in the local market at reasonable prices. Spider fitting system, another customary curtain wall mounting system, can be realized through Energy Panel Special-Fixing(SF) model with the hole remained at each corner of the module.


We are also open to discuss any possible alternatives to fully integrate Energy Panel into the building structure.

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