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Eco-friendly sauna resort in southern Netherlands features appealing marble-like solar facade

Marble-like solar facade with aesthetic appeal is expected to harvest 1,300 kWh per year

Located on the outskirts of Breda, Spa One covers an area of 2.5 hectares and is one of the largest Sauna and wellness center in the southern Netherlands. To create a completely relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, the developer introduced a variety of indoorand outdoor facilities with luxury interior design surrounded by expansive greenery.

By the lakeshore stands an ivory bungalow decorated by a lustrous facade. The facade

is wrapped by marble-like solar panels with appearance of alternately stacking strips of

green jade and black onyx creates an eye-catching appeal to the ivory building. It not

only constantly harvests solar energy, but also well-insulated to reduce energy loss.

The 30-square-meter solar facade covers the west side of the building and contains 2.75-kilowatt system power. It is expected to harvest 1,300 kilowatt-hours of clean energy per year. To imitate the fine texture of natural stone, Heliartec design team collected substantial photographs of natural marble stone and handpicked 20 pieces out of them. The following graphic optimizing process allows the solar irradiance balanced absorbing by high-efficient mono c-si solar cells beneath. The selected patterns were printed by a high-resolution ceramic printer and toughened on the inner side of laminated glass to further prevent it from weathering process. The printed result is even more realistic thanks to the low-reflection glass surface.

“Achieve Energy Neutral without Compromise“

The product structure of Aesthetic Energy Panel is specifically reinforced to achieve safer condition when installing on the exterior facade by utilizing 5+5mm tempered laminated glass and PVB film which is widely accepted and validated in the laminated glass industry. In contrast, the conventional solar panel only uses 3.2 mm tempered glass and EVA film as interlayer which is less reliable as the EVA film will be easy to turn yellow under the long-term exposure of UV, therefore increases the risk of front glass peeling off.

To further strengthen the durability, special thermal sealing technology is introduced to

completely seal the module’s edge to improve the waterproofness of the module by 10

times higher than PVB film to avoid the infiltration of moisture and achieve a stable power supply in 25 years after the installation. At a comparable cost to traditional highend facade materials, the solar facade will even pay for itself within its life span.

Aesthetic Energy Panel unlocks the design constraint of conventional solar module and provides excellent design flexibility. Architects can tailor the size of the panels to fit

various architectural designs. Aesthetically integrating solar energy into building facade allows the design of energyneutral/energy-plus without compromising building aesthetic.

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